Tuesday, January 1, 2013


No person can ever educate a closed mind.
The mind - must first of all be an open one.
Then and only then, can the mind continue to grow, explore and then flourish.

My intention is the quest for more knowledge, from the minds and spirits of other magical practitioners. 
I will continue to learn from others and use my own intuition.  I take from books only what is right for me.
And I understand that what comes natural to me, will not be the same thing that comes natural to someone else.  I believe that each of us will always know ourselves better than anyone else ever will.
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I hope that you come away with ideas that you find useful and information that will inspire you.
Please - take what you agree with and leave behind what does not feel right for you.
I am not a writer or teacher - I am just a spiritual student of life.

May it be helpful to you.

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